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How to talk openly about open source software

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Today we have a guest post written by Whitney from Technected. Whitney majored in journalism and has been using Linux ever since. She now works for a large automotive corporation in the Midwest. In her spare time she enjoys playing video games, gardening and watching Dr. Who.

You already know Linux is superior. There’s a reason you downloaded it, even if you had to overwrite your pre-programmed OS. You painstakingly created partitioned files for your /boot, /swap, root and /home files. You even bought a stuffed penguin — the Jesus fish of Linux users — to proudly display on your desk.

With great power comes great responsibility, though. Suddenly, everyone is asking you why Linux is so great, and if they should download it. Once you’ve worked with an OS for so long, it’s sometimes hard to simplify your answers for them, so here’s a handy list of answers for the masses

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Ikea Hackers

Filed under: General Linux — at 6:41 pm on Friday, May 20, 2011

Ikea is a great place for affordable furniture that makes it an attractive resource for technology enthusiasts. has a lot of interesting hacks that could be used by Linux users.

The kids shoebox dual computer cabinet looks like it runs Ubuntu. It also looks like kids would love it. I need to know where I can get a keyboard and mouse like that.

This may be old news but it is cool none the less. If you haven’t seen it I Introduce to you the LackRack mount your switches, or small 19″ rack mount equipment in a table. What another genius use for a piece of Ikea furniture! Here are the handy lack rack Ikea instructions in a handy pdf.

People who want to advance their knowledge sometimes look into an online PhD.

Mikogo Calling for Beta Testers

Filed under: General Linux — at 9:32 pm on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mikogo is calling for beta testers for their Linux version. The best way I can explain it is an alternative to webex, goto/live meeting or perhaps Bomgar. While not open source it is a free service and anyone making an effort to bring quality applications to the Linux desktop deserves a mention. I believe this is an application that Linux users could really benefit from using (I know I could) so sign up to be a beta tester and give them some feed back that will help them produce a great product people will want to use.

Linux Journal Print Magazines for Sale

Filed under: General Linux — at 10:01 am on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Due to lack of interest, they are now FREE!

If you want to pick them up, if not just cover shipping.

Since I got the Linux Journal archive CD (2007 edition) a few years ago I’m going to get rid of my old ones up to December 2007, Issue #164. I don’t have every issue and they vary in condition, but they’re all in decent shape. If you don’t see an issue listed, the chances are it was either a subscription lapse, I lost it or it was loaned / given away. Anyway here is what I have: April 2005, July – December 2005 (7 issues) January –  September 2006 (9 issues) January – December 2007 (12 issues) Make an offer! I’d rather sell / ship them all at once, but can part with them individually if needed. I have no idea how much shipping would cost but can figure that out. If you’re located in or near Charlotte and are willing to drive, even better we can arrange a pickup, although with gas prices it might cost the same to mail it :). I’ll adjust the list above when they’ve all gone. If I ever get around to buying the 2010 edition DVD my 2008 – 2010 will be up for grabs too. Once I get rid of them I’ll have some more room on my book shelf for future editions or maybe some new books.