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Linux CD Ripping Utilities

Filed under: Linux Software — at 12:33 am on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CD Ripping with Linux doesn’t have to be the labor intensive task that it once was. No longer do we have the days of writing a hundred character command to rip a CD with the perfect options. Here are some utilities aimed at making your life of ripping your collection of CD’s to a digital format you can actually use.

First up for review is Grip. Grip is an gtk application that can play, rip and encode CD’s. It is really easy to use and is my CD ripping utility choice.

While the interface is not as pretty as it could be I guess its not hard to fool you that grip means business.

All you have to do to rip an entire CD is put it in, wait a couple of seconds and Bobs your uncle it found your track information from Next hop on over to the “Rip” tab and hit “Rip+Encode”. Since we didn’t select any tracks it should squawk and ask if you really wanted to try and rip no tracks, or if you just want to go ahead and rip the entire CD. I always hit entire CD and move along.

Before you get too excited and to a yum install grip and start ripping your entire collection keep in mind that you will have to install the dependencies (usually lame) and change the format under the “Config->Encode->Encoder” tab. This is not really a big deal and for your convenience grip will remember your settings. There are no sounds when a rip is finished (which can be frustrating either way,) but there it does eject your CDROM for you.

Goobox is next. Just as easy to install, just as easy to use and it’s also another gtk application. Goobox has a slightly more boring interface with less options. If your looking for a Gnome based CD ripper with a minimal interface this is the one to choose.

I think its about time for a KDE utility. KAudioCreator has an interface very similar to Goobox. You will first have to select an encoder from the “settings->encoder” tab. You can then pop a CD in and it works its magic just like the other CD rippers, well that is right after you hit the “Rip Selection” button which is the KDE gear.

Try them and let me know which one you like the best. GUI’s are nice but nothing can compare to a command line utility and this CD changing robot

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Comment by lefty.crupps

January 21, 2009 @ 9:45 am

What about KAudioCreator or SoundKonverter?

KAduioCreator is a super-simple app that can open and rip your CD based on the rules that you set up for folder/track/id3 naming conventions.

SoundKonverter can go from any file or CD to any other file type, and supports multiple profiles based to change settings for quality, output file types, and more.

Konqueror also lets you open a CD with audiocd:// in its address bar (audiocd:// is one of many amazing KIOSlaves), and from there you can just open the folder of the format that you want, and then drag-drop them to anywhere else on your hard drive. This is quick but it doesn’t do id3 metadata tagging.

Comment by lefty.crupps

January 21, 2009 @ 9:46 am

sorry, after I posted I noticed the paragraph about KAudioCreator, I missed that and thought it was more about Goobox.

Comment by

January 21, 2009 @ 11:02 am

@Lefty.Crupps Not a big deal, KDE should let you open with audiocd:// depending on your groups, some distributions don’t always have you in the correct group (slackware, suse.) I didn’t know you could drag/drop them around though, thanks for the tip!

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