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DFD Today

Filed under: The Linux Blog News — at 12:48 pm on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No, not Dataflow Diagram. Document freedom day. Undoubtedly you’re are aware that it is today, given the amount of press it has got and what a good cause. I was thinking about how I could participate in Document Freedom Day. A few things came to mind. The first was was:

“How about I save all my documents in .odt, that will teach them.”

No go on that one, I already do that because I’m too lazy to save into .doc. I also call the “open source” people out on it when they ask me to save as .doc because it “works on Windows”.

“I could translate all the .doc’s and .docx’s on the file server to an open format.”

Well, my wife just lost her job, I don’t need to lose mine too, although it would be hilarious and it would raise awareness.

Too bad, I’ll have to do nothing this year, perhaps next year I can join the celebration if there is a “Team” in my area. They should really make it a Friday. I’d totally go out and down a few beers in the name of document freedom.