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DIY Monitor Stand

Filed under: Linux Hardware — at 7:00 am on Wednesday, February 11, 2015

At work, we have these pretty sweet monitor mounts. I used to have a wall mounted one at home, although it was not nearly as nice. The reason I no longer used it was, my laundry room is behind my monitor, and anytime the washing machine was on it would vibrate which was really annoying. It got thrown in storage, not to be seen again for a while – until recently. I decided to have a go at making my own, similar to the ones we use at work except for a single monitor and a fraction of the cost. I had some black iron from another project, a piece of L tubing from a bed frame otherwise known as “poor mans angle-iron” and the mount. The idea was to take my VESA mount and mount it to the pole, use the bed frame to attach it to the desk with c-clamps. After welding the black iron to the bed frame I chopped up an old bicycle seat post which happened to be the perfect inner diameter to fit over the black iron, I welded two bolts to the bike seat post pieces and welded a captive nut for a hex bolt to the bottom one to make it height adjustable. I put my monitor on the VESA mount, attached the mount to each of the slides, and placed it over the black iron tube. It works great, I can adjust it from desk height to about 20″ and move the monitor from left to right. The monitor does “tilt” a little when it extended further to the left or right, but it is hardly ever fully extended.

This was a pretty decent turnout for about an hour with my angle grinder and welder. It seemed like the primer took longer to dry than it took to fabricate it. I never did get around to painting it black. Please ignore the dusty shots, I didn’t bother to clean it for these pictures, and the flash causes every spec to show up. Yea, that’s it – the flash.