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Dual Boot or Not Dual Boot

Filed under: General Linux — at 8:30 am on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Billiam-Gates-Romeo-and-JulietHere is a picture of Sir Billiam Gates kissing Claire Danes, Who is supposedly in Charlotte, NC right now filming or something. After making it I thought to myself
well, it doesn’t really fit the whole “Dual Boot” theme.
So I gimped another one up with Richard Stallman as Claire Danes (warning: may scare anyone with a soul…and small children). I am actually somewhat freaked out by the Stallman version and prefer Clare Danes to represent Linux sorry GNU/Linux, so thats the one I included. Two weeks after its creation and after disturbing friends and random old people on the street with it, I decided it was time to write a bit about dual booting.
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So what is the deal with dual booting? Back in the day before reliable Virtual Desktop software was available for the masses, people that needed to use Windows for whatever reason we’re forced to either run Wine, have a second machine, or dual boot. With Wine not able to run all software, users were left with the two other options. Today the situation is different. Virtual Box makes it easy to have a Windows desktop running right inside your favorite OS. So why do people still dual boot?

Well, the answer is not always a simple one. I can’t speak for everyone, but I have one system, my Acer Aspire One Netbook, that I dual boot on. Why? Well, it came with Windows 7 and I hadn’t really played with it at the time. When I reinstalled, I decided to take a few gigs from the abundant hard drive space you get these days and dual boot Windows with Linux. I thought, well its only ten gigs and who knows I might need it. This turned out being very handy. I have since acquired a few pieces of software that just don’t run well within a Virtual Machine (USB->serial/parallel adapters and Logitech remote software.) It has also come in handy when staying in hotels that don’t offer wifi. I needed to use Ethernet to get on the Internets and since I can’t be bothered to compile the driver, with a quick reboot I was surfing in a jiffy. I’m not really a fan of dual booting but there are some things that you simply can’t do with a Virtual Machine.

If you dual boot, have thought of, or are thinking of doing it, why? Comment!