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Filed under: General Linux,Linux Software — at 2:46 pm on Friday, June 6, 2008

Ganymede is coming! I’ve been using Eclipse for a little while now and would like to pass on some information about the Ganymede release.
In the past I have became accustomed to commercial IDE’s, what is bad about this is when a new release comes out often I’d have to either upgrade or be stuck with an old version. Eclipse gives me a standard development environment that works on multiple computer platforms. Through plug-ins often the exact same, or better functionality is added. What is great about Eclipse Ganymede is that it lets you get a preview of what the next generation of the IDE will look like. Eclipse Ganymede is not for every one, after all it is for testers and early adopters. Personally I like to download the Ganymede release every once in a while and test it out. After all some of the big players in the development industry sponsor or contribute to a number of projects that are based on eclipse and its nice to see what they are up to. Check out Ganymede Eclipse for yourself!