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Free issues of BSDmag / Linux+

Filed under: General Linux — at 9:56 am on Friday, August 21, 2009

Thanks MG for giving the tip on some free issues of BSDmag / Linux+. When I went to check them out they were older articles (Fedora 6) on Linux but some interesting topics and still some relevant information. The BSD issues were newer. If your interested in the articles, you can read the comment on the Tether iPhone through the cable, on Linux post, or hit the jump. Here is a list of the free issues:

VOIP Security
Mission Critical Data
Secure password storage
Free Issue: Linux in Mission Critical
Data Availability
General Datacentre Security
Shell Scripting
Ipv6 Approach for DoS Attacks over IP Telephony
Choosing a Web Host
Tricks & Tips
Installing Fedora Core 6
Developing physics toys under Linux
BpmDj – Free DJ Tools for Linux
Tricks & Tips
Fedora Core 6. Managing RPM packages

NetBSD Install
If it moves – crypt it! Hard drive encryption on BSD
Interview with Simon Burge, Antti Kantee and Greg Oster

Free Issue: Explore NetBSD
Free Issue: OpenBSD in the Limelight
Free Issue: FreeBSD Ins & Outs –> ‘Download Free Issue’ –> ‘Free Issue’

You’ll have to provide an e-mail address to download them, but after you’ve submitted it once, you can download the issues. One of the BSD issues was from Jan 2009 so more recent than the Fedora 6, but still old.

Thanks again MG, and please keep the tips coming!