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Freemind Vs. Kdissert

Filed under: Linux Software — at 6:30 am on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

FreeMind vs kdissert

Mind mapping is a great way to get all of your thoughts out. There are two major competitors when it comes to mind mapping on Linux.

In the blue corner we have reigning champion FreeMind and in the red corner we have a new contender for the best mind mapping software kkkkkkkkkkkdissert.

FreeMind Vs kdissert…. Fight.

The first blow is taken. kdissert has the advantage of being available in a lot of distributions software repositories. However this advantage does come in at a price. It does have a hefty list of dependencies which could slow down the installation although it can be as simple as “sudo yum install kdissert” which makes it snappy to try it out.

FreeMind comes back with a hefty punch. Although it doesn’t come in every software repository, it is cross platform and installs very easily, it can take a while to find the correct links to click through sourceforge though. Its cross platform ability means that files can be shared between different O.S’s.

kdissert offers 9 icons and 8 colors to which FreeMind quickly reminds us why it’s reigning champion with its 30+ icons, vast formatting and color options. They both share exchanges of usability with the pair sharing many of the same keyboard shortcuts. kdissert has a nice tabbed interface while FreeMinds non intuitive arrows to switch between MindMaps makes it look clumsy to kdisserts attack.

Another ambush from kdissert is its ability to open MindMaps .mm files, FreeMind is quick to counter with its vast export capability. FreeMind has a wide range of export options under its belt including html which makes it quite handy. kdissert only offers .kdi and .png making FreeMinds look vastly superior with its brutal retaliation strike. You can tell kdissert is getting worn down by FreeMind as FreeMind flexes and gives one more blast, reminding us that it has encryption capability although I’m not quite sure how strong that is. It’s next hit is the revisions functionality. Clearly we have a winner here.

The winner is FreeMind, as we see it taunt kdissert with its “blinking node!” Perhaps one day kdissert will get updated with new functionality and it can compete again. I wouldn’t write kdissert off though as it puts up a valiant fight and those who despise java will undoubtedly vouch for it.