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How Android apps are useful to get new blogging ideas

Filed under: General Linux — at 9:51 pm on Thursday, October 18, 2012


This post is a guest post written by Brianne. She is blogger by profession. These days she is working on online promotion for Go Pilot

It is true that the bloggers will need some applications which will help them to connect with their blogging on the move. So the Android applications come handy in this connection. Moreover, you will keep touch always through these applications with your blog. Since, the Android applications provide the ample advantages to the bloggers. Even, these Android applications will give you an extra fillip for running smoothly your blogging habit. 


For running the blog, you will need the blogging platform. So in this case, you can avail of the services from the Android application, WordPress and others for your need. Moreover, this application will give you ample blogging options for publishing your blog post from your mobile. So you can do anything about blogging needs through this Android application with your imagination. Moreover, you can write your blog post with their built-in word processor. Since, the SEO technology is one of the search engine ranking parameters. So you can also do it with your blog post without any trouble. Moreover, you can also take the help of their plug-ins from its repository. You will find the different kinds of the plug-ins from these platforms. Rather you can use it according to your requirement. 


When you publish your blog over the internet, then you will need to share it with others. So in this context, the Android applications like Twitter, Facebook, Moby and others will come handy for your need. In the blogging world, sharing is one of the prime sources for reaching to the people over the internet. Moreover, you can also get the blogging ideas from some news Android applications like Tech News and CNET News. These applications are very much useful when you will make the write-up for your blog. 


It is a better move for generating money from your blog. So some Android applications like Paypal will give you an advantage of earning money from your blogging. Through this application, you will able to collect the money from your visitor. 


Connecting with your visitors is good for your blog. So you can get the help from the social networking websites. These websites have the Android version for your need. Actually, you can connect to your readers through these Android applications. 


For every blogger, the portable analytic application is necessary. The reason is that it will help the bloggers to tweak their blog on the go for the maximum exposure to the internet people. The Android application like Google Analytics works like a charm in this connection. As a blogger, you should always try to keep the records of your footfall on your blog. Moreover, it will make you fully aware of your blog performance. 


If you like to do marketing for your blog over the internet, then the Android application like YouTube is an essential tool for you. The reason is that you can publish the video on your blog on the internet through YouTube and you can also get bigger exposure from it. 

Therefore, the Android applications for making blogging ideas are enormous but you have to explore it through your imagination.