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Impressed with the PostgreSQL Installer

Filed under: General Linux,Linux Software — at 10:48 am on Monday, April 27, 2009

Until today I had never installed PostgreSQL from the Binary provided at since it’s pretty much always in some form of repository provided by most distributions. Today, for the first time ever I installed it and have to say I’m very impressed with the installer. I some what shuddered as I saw a “install shield” type installer interface, as my past encounters with these have generally tended to not work out so well. What I noticed about the PostgreSQL installer though was different from the “install shield”, it was BitRock. BitRock is a cross platform installer for “Windows, Linux, OS X and more…” as this was my first experience with BitRock with a Linux machine I have to say it was a positive one. It allowed me to install PostgreSQL with some custom components pretty effortlessly. While most won’t need to do a custom installation as PostgreSQL will probably be in a repository, its handy to know that the installer works.

BitRock does not appear to have a completely free license but they do seem to give open source projects a “free copy.” Not sure how I feel about this, but I guess if they’re out to make money then it could work for them. Apparentely it doesn’t take much to please me on a mundane Monday morning, I’d have been perfectly fine with a tarball and manual configuration but the GUI has brightened up my day. Thanks BitRock! Does any one else have any encounters or shocking experience with installers? What about BitRock in general?

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Comment by Daniel Lopez

April 27, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

Wow, thanks for the kind words. Making the installer open source is something that we contemplate periodically, but it is difficult to come up with a sensible business model since we are a tool and not ‘critical’ infrastructure like MySQL, JBoss. If you liked the Postgres Installer (which were actually done by the nice folks at EnterpriseDB) you may want to checkout and other Postgres-based stacks we have over there

Un saludo!


Comment by

April 27, 2009 @ 2:58 pm

Thanks Daniel, bitnami looks neat, I think there is a market for pre-packaged cross platform “stacks”. I’ll have to check some of those out, especially Redmine since I never got around to installing, configuring and testing it.

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