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Linux Christmas Gifts

Filed under: General Linux — at 1:43 pm on Saturday, December 15, 2007

With Christmas rapidly approaching time is running out to buy gifts for all of your family.

With this I post the question: “What are you getting for your Linux Geek for Christmas?”.

Gifts for Linux users are hard to find, luckily for you the reader I’ve compiled this handy list of Linux Swag (KEYWORD) that you can buy your Linux Geek.

1) Top choice is gadgets. Now they can vary in price so maybe you could team up with a couple of friends to afford something or get a gift card if your not exactly sure what to buy. USB Hard drives are great choices, if you know they already have drives check out the Linux Based NSLU2 from major big box stores. Its a great little box that your Linux geek will know exactly what to do with. If you’ve got a lot of money to spare a Fox Box (I haven’t posted about this yet) will be the perfect gift. Make sure you order now or you might not get it in time for christmas unless you live in Europe.

2) Clothing is a good gift. Get your Linux geek some nice clothes. T-Shirts are great choices here are some in order by taste: “Generic Linux Shirt“, “Arrogant Linux Elitist” or stuff from the Open Source and hack wear sections are my favorite.

3) When you need to get the job done some times Caffeine is essential. That link has a ton of products not only to give to Linux geeks but for Linux geeks to give.

Well, I hope this has given you some ideas on what to buy Linux geeks for Christmas :)