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Linux Journal Print Magazines for Sale

Filed under: General Linux — at 10:01 am on Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Due to lack of interest, they are now FREE!

If you want to pick them up, if not just cover shipping.

Since I got the Linux Journal archive CD (2007 edition) a few years ago I’m going to get rid of my old ones up to December 2007, Issue #164. I don’t have every issue and they vary in condition, but they’re all in decent shape. If you don’t see an issue listed, the chances are it was either a subscription lapse, I lost it or it was loaned / given away. Anyway here is what I have: April 2005, July – December 2005 (7 issues) January –  September 2006 (9 issues) January – December 2007 (12 issues) Make an offer! I’d rather sell / ship them all at once, but can part with them individually if needed. I have no idea how much shipping would cost but can figure that out. If you’re located in or near Charlotte and are willing to drive, even better we can arrange a pickup, although with gas prices it might cost the same to mail it :). I’ll adjust the list above when they’ve all gone. If I ever get around to buying the 2010 edition DVD my 2008 – 2010 will be up for grabs too. Once I get rid of them I’ll have some more room on my book shelf for future editions or maybe some new books.