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Linux programmers ARE getting too fat

Filed under: General Linux — at 11:06 am on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tech Crunch posted an article today on Linux programmers and T-Shirt sizes. As normal Tech Crunch didn’t write any compelling content or make the graph. The graph is a graph that was taken from a slide show presentation at Linux Symposium. They did however link to FitBit and provide the following quote for me to blog about:

“obesity is a growing problem, particularly in the geek world”

I think that Obesity is a problem everywhere. In the “geek world” it is often hard to get the right amount of exercise. Programmers are challenged with strange work hours, sitting down for a lot of the hours throughout the day and poor nutrition or diet choices. The calories from soft drinks, coffee creamer*, pizza, doughnuts and cheese whiz add up quickly.

I have always had a hard time gaining weight but working in a programming position I did notice that I gained a bit. While no-means over weight, I can see how I could potentially become overweight. I try to make sure to get enough exercise enough to stay in shape. The FitBit looks like a really cool product, although I don’t particularly need one, I think it would be cool to have. One thing I’ve thought about doing was a metabolic test ( from a local company near where I live in Charlotte NC. I thought it would be neat to know how many calories I burn whilst doing absolutely nothing. I’d also like to do the test while I work – if thats possible. Since you burn calories when you read, how many calories do you burn whilst programming? What programming language burns the most calories?

While I’ve never really thought about t-shirt sizes until now. It’s hard for me to order t-shirts in my size. It seems like they are never in stock or they just don’t make them. Take the T-Shirt Sun Microsystems just sent me, the smallest shirt they had was a L. I had to wash it a couple of times before I wore it so that it would shrink.

I’m always looking for free t-shirts so, if you want to send me one, let me know. I take any size from S to L with a preferred shrinkable medium.

* Somewhat of an inside joke (, Follow The Linux Blog on Twitter to be included in the fun.