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Linux Valentines Day Gifts

Filed under: General Linux — at 8:42 am on Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentines Day is coming up pretty fast. If you searched for this term you are probably wondering,

“What should I get my Linux Geek for Valentines Day?”

If this is the case this article should give you some ideas

Unless your into roll playing dressing up as Tux (The Linux Penguin) is not really sexy. If you want to do something sexy for your Geek you may have to do something a little Risque. You’ll have to find your partners stance on BSD first and see how they react to it. Possibly bring it up in conversation some how. If your geek doesn’t blow up in a rage that you mention an inferior operating system then you probably be able to get away with my favorite and the first option (if you do this every one who reads The Linux Blog will want to see the pictures):

1) The BSD Daemon Uniform. This could be an interesting gift, or more of a gesture. Dressing up like the BSD Daemon. Its simple and easy and is pretty much a guaranteed evening of fun (providing your partner can be torn away from their PC)

2) TOYS! No, not those sort of toys, I’m talking about gadgets. Buy a gadget or a new Linux compatible piece of hardware. If you yourself are not into Linux it may take you a while to find a piece of hardware that works with Linux but the time you spend will show the dedication you have for your partner.

3) Candy. Who doesn’t like candy? Just make sure that the candy has enough sugar in it to leave your geek energized for the period of time you will need them for on valentines day. Make sure that backups are available or caffeine is readily available.

4) Providing you are both of age alcohol is a great option for those feisty geeks who use too many stimulants such as sugar or caffeine. Dampen them with some alcohol. No matter how much they like Jaeger bombs or red bull and vodka’s don’t do it if your geek is too hyper it will only make the night go as usual.

5) Draw on your self. Ok, everybody has seen it in Google. Some one holding up a sign or laying there with sharpie marks that are going to leave a mark for a while. Write Property of: “Your Name Here” with your name, not that text. Or “I love you ‘your geeks name'” or ”root me ‘your geeks name'” This in turn will probably be posted all over the internet and your geek will be famous. Especially if they have some sort of elite handle.

6) Get something nerdy for your self. Ok, more for the both of you. If you normally dress in non nerdy clothes then find something that you would actually wear off of CafePress and find a design. They have all kinds of clothing such as boxers, t-shirts, tank tops, thongs and other goods such as mugs, mouse pads, clocks and more. You can even design your own stuff if your sort of crafty.

7) A Tanning bed pass. Every geek is too pale. Get them what they deserve! A good old pass to the tanning salon. Think about it, the only reason geeks are so pale is because they don’t want to go out side. With a tanning bed pass they don’t have to and they can get a slight tan in as little at 8 minutes.

8) If your Linux geek logs into the terminal (being you don’t know how to use their computer without them typing some wacky stuff) then you might be able to do something really crafty. Every time they log in there is a little file that is read and then displayed. Sort of like a welcome message. If you can figure out how to get to one of those “typey boxes” also known as a terminal you can type something like the following:

cd && echo "I <3 You" >> .profile

Don’t try to copy and paste that you will probably just mess it up and then they will see what you were trying to do. If you can, open up a new terminal type it in there, and then close it when your done. If you just see a huge black screen with nothing else try typing that then:

clear; exit

Hopefully they will forget that they were logged in and you will have a nifty little message every time they boot their computer

9) I mean, unless your geek reads The Linux Blog they aren’t going to have any idea valentines days coming up so do the natural thing: nothing! You can always use the excuse,
“Oh I had something special planned but I thought we could save the money and just spend the night together”

Well, Thats about all the ideas I can think of off of the top of my head. Let me know what you come up with or what gift your Linux geek gets for Valentines day.