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Low cost PC’s in China. Is Linux about?

Filed under: General Linux — at 11:56 pm on Monday, August 6, 2007

I was listing to NPR late yesterday evening on my way home from work. There was an interesting tech talk going on about computer manufacturers in China. Notably Dell and Lenovo (IBM). They are both offering PC’s for around $199. The Dell ships with Windows, but I am unclear on what the Lenovo ships with. Since the dirt cheap Dell ships with a monitor, keyboard & mouse but its competitor the Lenovo desktop only ships with a keyboard & mouse. A television is used for the monitor. It makes me wonder what OS the Lenovo is running.

Apparently the Lenovo shipped in April. There are rumors that Microsoft, one of Lenovos partners has been cooperating with the company to deploy Linux machines. Microsoft pushing Linux in China? Thats a interesting concept, but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with it. It does make me wonder if even Microsoft has come to the conclusion that the cost of Windows is too high.

There is a huge market for low end PC’s in China the NPR radio show reported. With 800 million potential customers who wouldn’t attempt to make a profit if given the chance? What better way to maximize profit then to use an operating system with a such a low cost to maintain? Given the potential customers are mostly rural farmers that earn only $600 a year its possible that they could still afford a computer if they saved up for a while. The show also went into say that the computer could be a powerful tool for the farmers. I agree with this in that they would be better able to predict when to buy and sell produce. They could check the weather to make sure that grounds are soft for planting crops the next day.

The low end computers would be a good asset to own. I am proud of the Linux operating system if the rumors are true. I wish the best to Lenovo and Dell and hope they are successful in their business in China.