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Mandatory New Years Post

Filed under: The Linux Blog News — at 7:37 pm on Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year! I guess it’s time for a yearly update, I feel like everyone else has done it and now its my turn. Hit the jump for some more statistics that are probably only interesting to yours truly.

Top 10 Posts
Interestingly enough none of these were written this year. Perhaps I should write a query to extract the most popular ones of this year, I’m not sure they’re getting the same search love as my older stuff.

Using cut, Shellscript string manipulation 8.54%
Handy Linux Wallpaper 7.33%
Shell script to get user input 7.18%
The Linux Blog 6.38%
Rsync to SMB Share 4.26%
Apache director index forbidden by options directive 3.97%
Working with CSV files in bash 3.64%
Rotating videos in Linux 2.46%
Recursive md5 sum script 2.28%
iphone ssh client 2.04%

Number of posts:
2011: 29
2010: 35
2009: 68
I don’t like this trend, looks like I’ve been going backwards in quantity.

Average Page Load Time: 5.10 Seconds. Seems like a long time to me, I’ll try and work on my end this year but I can’t do anything about slow internets.
Average Monthly Bandwidth: 9.7GB, not too shabby.
Busiest time of day: 9:00am. I’ll be sure to post before this time from now on.

I’m glad to see only 10% use internet explorer, but in my opinion that’s 10% too many.

1  Firefox 51.98%
2  Chrome 28.76%
3  Internet Explorer 10.19%
4  Safari 4.72%
5  Opera 2.74%

Operating Systems:
Nothing really groundbreaking here, not the first time I’ve had more Windows users than Linux users. What is surprising is that mobile operating systems seem to be getting more popular. Not popular enough for me to make a mobile version yet though.

1  Windows 47.53%
2  Linux 40.56%
3  Macintosh 9.88%
4  iPhone 0.75%
5  Android 0.41%