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Media Purge

Filed under: General Linux,Linux Software — at 8:23 pm on Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In order to reduce the amount of crap stuff I have laying around, in addition to making a box of old hardware to donate, I’ve been going through old Linux CD’s. Deciding which ones to pitch was a harder task than I first thought, so I figured I’d take a methodical approach to it. The criteria was this:

Have I:

Used it recently?
Ever used it?

Does it:

Have a download available?
Have a current community?
Contain customized content?
Have a special meaning?


I ever use it?
Someone else be able to use it?

Since most of these were burned disks, the only reason to keep something would be if it is not available anymore, has a special meaning, or I’ve used it a bunch and it contains customized content. Based on this, I’ve decided to pitch (in no particular order)

FreeBSD 5.3 (how did I end up with this?)
Gentoo x86 minimal install 2005
Redhat Valhalla i386 (5 CD’s)
Redhat Psyche (5 CD’s)
Debian Lenny
Debian 40r4a
Suse 9
Open Suse 11.0 (5 CD’s)
Open Suse 11.1 (5 CD’s)
Ubuntu 8.04.1
Slackware 12 DVD
Slax Popcorn
Slax 5.0.5
Puppy Linux
Another Slackware 12 DVD
Zenwalk 5.0
Zenwalk Core 5.2
Damn Small Linux 4
Damn Small Linux some strange n_01-RC4 release
Fedora 12 netinstall
Fedora Core 4.

Other than an somewhat embarrassing list above, what a waste of plastic – 37 CD’s.
The ones that are still on the CD Spindle is probably equally as strange but at least there is only 14 now not 51. Some of these will likely be ditched sometime in the future:

BackTrack 4-R2
BackTrack 4-MOD
BackTrack 5 R7
Knoppix 5.1
Slackware 12.1
Slackware 13.1
Slackware 13.37
GParted Live 0.6.4
RIP Linux 4.3
Ubuntu 10.10
Auditor 15/05/05
System Rescue CD 1.6.2

That’s all for now.