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Quickly checking the weather with telnet

Filed under: General Linux — at 7:15 pm on Monday, September 24, 2007

Its always good to know what the weather is or is forecasted to be over the next week, however loading a webpage such as is time consuming and unnecsary when alternatives are available.

When I quickly want to check the weather, I do so by using telnet. Its quick, has no advertisements and is exactly the same information that is shown on major weather websites. Most have heard of wunderground it is a great website, but if you just want a text based listing of what the weather is going to be just use their telnet service.


Once a connection has been made hit enter to get past the prompt and enter a city code. Since I happen to live in Charlotte at the moment my city code is CLT. So I just type in CLT and my forecast is displayed.
If you don’t know your city code you can look it up.
Hit return at the prompt, and then press 1 for US weather. Press 3 to look up city codes by state and then enter your state. Pick the closest city and remember the code. Press M to start your search and enter your city code. Then your weather forecast will be displayed.

Thats all there is to it. Next time you want to quickly check the weather consider using telnet. Its a great alternative to loading a whole website with advertisements.