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Excuses, QLandkarte, BOFH and Devscripts

Filed under: General Linux — Owen at 8:32 pm on Monday, April 12, 2010

After not writing for a little while (I call it writers block, you can call it lazy) I decided to do what any Linux Geek would do. I searched two different distributions software repositories for excuses. Fedora and Debian had quite different but interesting outputs.

Fedora’s came up with QLandkarte GT which is a GPS tool that replaces QLandKarte.

QLandkarte GT is the ultimate outdoor aficionado’s tool for GPS maps in GeoTiff format as well as Garmin’s img vector map format. Additional it is the PC side frontend to QLandkarte M, a moving map application for mobile devices. And it fills the gap Garmin leaves in refusing to support Linux. QLandkarte GT is the proof that writing portable applications for Unix, Windows and OSX is feasible with a minimum of overhead. No excuses!

Debian on the other hand came up with two results one more entertaining than the other, but both useful. The first being a package called devscripts that are

scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier

The second package is what I can describe as an awesome find for excuses “fortunes-bofh-excuses”. If you like BOFH or fortunes and have a twisted sense of humour I’m sure you’ll love this package.

If you get a chance and run a different distribution, I’d love to see the packages that come up for it. I was really trying to find something that would help me get a little more organized, or add a little more confusion to my workday. Mission Successful, feel free to flame.

sl the BOFH’s revenge for bad typists

Filed under: Linux Software — at 9:57 am on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If you don’t know what BOFH is, then lets try wikipedia. This morning in my feed reader from was an article that “makes you pay attention.”

Basically, the article software package they were recommending today is sl. I couldn’t resist commenting on this. There are many times that I am stuck over a slow SSH session, all I need is the server admin, or BOFH coming along, installing sl and making my life a pain.

So, I installed it on my desktop. What an excellent piece of software. If you run Fedora its in the yum repos and you should give it a shot. Now, all I have to do is symlink this to other useful binaries that I commonly mistype, don’t have installed and for good operator measures, some that I do.

Its too bad that I couldn’t run this through wall, but I guess I could run it as a cron. I think it should have a config file so that you could work it a bit more. Perhaps as it steams through make the smoke spell a message. Any way, thats my ranting and rambling over for the morning. Now to yum remove.