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Filed under: Linux for Newb's — aaron at 7:42 am on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well, it seems as though I’ve managed to find a way to fill up the HDD’s on both my mac lappys.  Tried installing Ubuntu on the G4, but I’ve currently been using it as something of a Media PC and though my files are backed up, it’s the only computer in the apartment that I can hook up to my TV (that works anyway). 

Tried partitioning the HDD on the G4, but I don’t have enough space for UBUNTU (quite a bit of space for a Linux distro.)  However, I DO have an old TOSHIBA lappy sitting around without a screen that works (though the video card works, so video out, yay). I’m just going to wipe it and hook it up to a monitor, learn that way I guess.  This I’ll do later today (it’s 6:04am).  

Went by the library today and picked up a few Linux newb books (no LINUX FOR DUMMIES, I WAS SADDENED). So I’ll be reading that.  In the meantime, here’s a review for a documentary about Linux I just got my hands on, relatively speaking.  The documentary: REVOLUTION OS.

So, what can I say about this flick other than I’ve watched it twice now and it seems like it’d be a pretty good documentary for someone (like yours truly) dipping his toe into the wide wide world of Linux.  It’s somewhat of a history lesson more than a “this is how you get started” lesson.  The reason I’ve watched it twice, other than it being intriguing, is so I could take notes the second time ’round to get a better idea of what I could tell you guys about it.

We start off with something of a cocaphony of talking heads, Eric Raymond (author of THE CATHEDRAL AND THE BAZAAR) and BRUCE PERENS (author of the OPEN SOURCE DEFINITION, along with some guys at DEBIAN), going on about this and that, not really making much sense at first.  Then we dive into the history lesson. 

We skip all of the AT&T Unix development and head straight into Stallman and his work on AI at MIT.  At some point he became frustrated with passwords and Operating systems he couldn’t work with.  He quit his job at MIT and began working on GNU (something I’ve discussed earlier).  The problem with GNU is that the FREE SOFTWARE camp had created all that was needed for a working Operating System, but lacked a working, debugged Kernel.  

This is where our good pal Linus came in, saw the GNU software and decided to write a workable, monolithic KERNEL when, combined with the GNU software, gave birth to what we have all come to know as an early stage of Linux. 

Flawed, of course, at first, but working and, believing in the GPL, he distributed this software.  That’s when things really became interesting.  As people all over the world got their hands on this Open Source code, they were able to mess around with it, play with it, improve upon it, and before long, we began to see multiple variations, each an improvement or failure upon the other.

Stallman, of course, played the part of a d-bag, for certain, and there followed all sort of revelations upon the history of linux, the evolution, etc.  I’m not going to continue rambling on about it.  All I can say is, if you have an interest in Linux, whether new or old, this is definitely a flick you’ve got to check out.  So, rent it, download it, do what you’ve gotta do, but I’m tellin’ ya, check it out.  It’s one step closer(for me anyway) to understanding.

Anyway, I’ve got some sleep to catch on, followed up by installation on that Toshiba and a great amount of reading, so, check out REVOLUTION OS.  I give it 4 out of 5 penguins.

Until next time, fellow newbs…


Filed under: Linux for Newb's — aaron at 4:14 am on Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well fellow Linux newbies, looks like I’m going to have to RTFM hardcore.  Doesn’t look like I quite knew what I was getting myself into.

Take Ubuntu, for example, the distro. I’m starting out with because it has a nice clean GUI and all the kids are doing it these days.  Seems like I’m going to have to actually INSTALL it on a machine, perhaps partition off part of the HDD on one of my lappys and just run with it, because, for now, there’s not much I can do with it.  I can check out all sorts of things going on internally with my machine, etc. etc., but the real meat ‘n potatos I think won’t come ’til I’ve taken the plunge and fully installed it.

I WILL tell you what it CAN be handy for though.  Say you’ve got a bad Windows O/S corruption (because, you know, THAT never happens), and you can’t get into the operating system.  OH NOES!!!!1!1!!!!1!  You can always take out your HDD, get one of those do-it-yourself external HDD rigs and attempt to get your entire Britney Spears Discography and Myspace Pose pics, OR you could simply pop in a bootable Ubuntu distro (fits on a CD or Flash Drive) and boot to that (this is assuming of course that you can’t boot into SAFE MODE in windows as well which means, well, that your OS is really hosed.  But back to what I was saying…pop one of those suckers in, boot from it (obviously) and you’re free to move about the cabin and back up all of those files to an external source before completely wiping the OS and starting fresh…perhaps with UBUNTU or some other flavor of Linux.

Sorry if the post is too short ‘n sweet, but I have some research to do and some playing around before I post again, I just thought I’d pop in a little something in the meantime.

Until next time!