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Filed under: Linux for Newb's — aaron at 6:18 am on Friday, January 2, 2009

Ok, where’d I leave off.  Oh yeah, at the asscrack of dawn on the 31st…failing, as one would expect from a “newb.”  Believe many of my problems may actually be hardware related on some level, but cannot decipher the main cause. Optical Drive is the most likely candidate.  Moving on.

9:51pm  Compy DBAN’d, attempting install of UBUNTU release 8.10 again.  Background looks like a blood smear in DEADSPACE. “Partitions Formatting” – ext3 again – 5% again.  Let’s see if it goes any further…15%…Scanning Files.  Copying files at 22%, I get excited, but, you know, not in that way.

10:02pm  INSTALLATION FAILED. Error copying files to HDD [Errno5].  Multitude of causes include a faulty optical drive, bad HDD, too hot, I call BS and go with the last possible cause “burn speed.”

11:18pm  Attempting to install UBUNTU 8.10 at 8x burn speed. Optical Drive churning away. Background up, beginning installation, FROZEN at Partitioner.  Failure.  Time to celebrate the New Year with lotsa drinkin’.


1:59am  Frustrated with UBUNTU, I’m experimenting with a liveCD of a release called BERRY.  The Desktop Background is a kitten melded into a desert wasteland.  Written in the lower left margin of the screen is “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL O/S IN THE WORLD.” If by beautiful, I hope they mean the code because this….this is just apalling. Oh FRACK, I click some random gear button and up pops another kitten.  This Distro was developed by Satan and his demon buddies…and possibly Kevin Rose.  Ok, big NO and big waste of time.

3:34am  Still a no go on the UBUNTU front.  What is the fracking problem?!?!?!11?  Will continue to hack away at it.

5:32am  Browsed around on the intarwebz and came across the FEDORA distribution 10.  Burning it at 16x and installing.  FAILURE.


4:32pm   Attempting installation of FEDORA 10 again. SUCCESS, FINALLY SUCCESS, I NOW HAVE A SYSTEM RUNNING LINUX (though I wish it were a laptop so I could tinker with it in my recliner as opposed to on this monstrosity of a former laptop with a possible bad optical drive and as opposed to working in my office where it is less than comfortable given certain medical conditions).  UH OH, a pop up tells me there’s a kernel error.  BAH! I sent a report off to the FEDORA folk, this may seem interesting in the future  if I run into a problem; at that point I may be able to fix it.

5:00pm  Ok…so, Fedora 10 seems like…any other operating system really. I’m writing this post on the intarwebz (@ 5:12am) on it.  I’ll just have to tinker with it more I suppose.  As Fedora is supposed to be based off Red Hat, certain knowledge I acquire may assist me in future endeavours (MONEY).  Don’t get me wrong, I like the nice, clean GUI with the blue burning sun ‘n all, but…I want to get down to the nitty-gritty as they say around here.  I want to learn command line functions.  I also want to start learning more about programming languages such as C++ (antiquated or not), PERL, JAVA, etc.  I want to be able to do what SNIDE does on a day to day basis and type in a few commands and have complete control over my machine (or someone elses, heh).  It’s all going to take time though.  Time.  Crap, The time setting is wrong on this thing, I have to fix that, oh, and they make it really easy.  Where’s the fun in that?

Until next time fellow NEWBS.


Filed under: Linux for Newb's — aaron at 7:19 pm on Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ok, I have a Toshiba Satellite A55 model with a Celeron M processor (I forget what speed it’s running at), 1GB of DDR2 RAM (2 512 sticks).  So, I’ve been, for three days now, trying to install a distribution (ANY DISTRIBUTION) of linux on this piece of crap.  Obviously, I started with UBUNTU as I’ve spoken about it in the past and it seems like it’d be the easiest to use (what do I know, I’m a newb).  So, for part one, I’m just going to go through the notes I took while trying, unsuccessfully to install UBUNTU on this machine.

Burned a copy of UBUNTU 8.10 at 24x.  Was having issues installing it so I read online that if I turned ACPI=OFF on that it could clear up some issues I was having.  It didn’t.  I can’t recall the exact problems I was having I/O Errors and something about SQUASH.  “Buffer I/O Error On Device sr0 Logical Block 3XXXX.  This error appeared multiple times.  Forums suggested that it may be the optical drive or the HDD or even a bad disc.

So I had 3 discs burned at 24x, 16x, and 8x, and none of them were working.  I ran extreme diagnostic checks on all of my hardware and even DBAN’d the HDD…just to be sure there wasn’t something lingering about within some small avenue of some lost, little known sector.  Moving on.

4:45a.m.  Things seemed to be running ok when CD stopped at [853.711918] NET: REGISTERED PROTOCOL FAMILY 17. I’m left with a blinking cursor.  What the f@%k does that mean?  Tired and frustrated as I know nothing about this sort of thing.
5:03a.m.  Starting over, could’ve just been a hangup.  Checked CD for defects…none.  Installation attempt.  Computer Freezes.  WTF?
5:26a.m.  Reseated optical drive, though I doubt there was any need to do so.  Starting to hate this.  Broke a CD out of frustration.  Want to sleep but I HATE leaving a problem to come back to later.  Toshiba BIOS is fairly crappy in terms of usability.  Switching between 8.10 and 8.04 of Ubuntu with no luck. Continuous hangups and failures.
6:28a.m.  Eventually get through most of the steps to the partitioning/installation bit, continues to stick at 5% “creating ext3 file system for/ in partition #1 of SCSI1(0,0,0)
7:13am  Continues to freeze at that 5% mark.  WTF.  Will attempt again tomorrow.

END OF PART 1  (There will be a happy ending, I promise)