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The First Unreal Engine 3 Game Ships for Linux

Filed under: General Linux,Linux Software — at 1:23 pm on Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Post From Davis Miller

Score! a HUGE victory for Linux gaming in 2013! Ryan Gordon confirmed via Twitter that “Dungeon Defenders is an Unreal Engine 3 game on Linux, and it’s the first thing I’ve shipped with SDL 2.0!” The launch of Humble Indie Bundle 7 is a tower defense and action oriented role playing game that was originally designed and released for the standard PC in 2011. Though it began as a development for Unreal Engine 3, it now has a native Linux port.


The reality of Linux gaming has been in question for years. Interested parties jump in, and then jump out. Plagued by technical and developmental problems, Linux gaming technology has taken nothing more than baby steps over the years. The recent strides leading up to the shipment of a Linux ported games have happened incredibly fast, with no signs of slowing in the near future.

The Twitter message delivered by Ryan Gordon set the gaming industry abuzz and will continue to for the remainder of 2013 speculation surrounding how many and if more titles will follow the Humble Indie 7 Bundle. Only Epic Games knows the answer to that question and they aren’t talking. Whether this was just a tempting sample of more to come will be seen as the year progresses. Epic has been fairly hard lined on releasing anything in a Linux ported fashion.

Epic Games continues to refuse the release of Unreal Tournament 3 for Linux. The thought that a game finally shipped out for the Linux port by this company is a stunning development in the world of gaming. There has been much speculation as to the future of Linux gaming, but tremendous strides have moved launch dates and possibilities into the foreseeable future.

Ryan Gordon is and has been on the push to compete with Valve’s Source Engine and the Unigine Engine by Unigine Corporation. All are in the battle to create gaming consoles that will work in the average home, even using standard desktop commands. They are a few miles from achieving success, but each year brings more determination and advancement.

Even though Unreal Engine 3 was ported to Linux many years ago, Ryan Gordon was never given the go ahead to release the Unreal Tournament 3 Linux client. This was a tremendous disappointment, but hopefully 2013 will invite more Unreal Engine 3 games to be released natively for Linux in direct competition to Valve’s Source Engine and Unigine Engine.

Ryan Gordon has definitely proven that there is a viable market for Linux gaming. Getting more corporations and developers on board is on the horizon. Several have shown true interest in expanding into the Linux market. The sales statistics to follow over the course of 2013 will certainly help push for more investment. He’s smart in knowing that everyone wants to ride the winning horse.

Valve’s Source Engine and the Unigine Engine are quickly finding themselves with some stiff competition. This is exactly what is needed to push Linux to the forefront of advancement and viability. There is a certain hope now that the gaming consoles will become a usable product and that a flood of new gaming titles is on the horizon.

Now that the juices of speculation are flowing, everyone will be keeping close tabs on the world of Linux gaming. Ryan Gordon has placed himself and Epic Games on the front roster of “to be watched” business ventures of 2013. Linux gaming fans everywhere landed a big win with the decisions made on the release of the Linux ported game. Time will tell where it leads from here.

Author Byline: Davis Miller, a great fan of video games and a guest blogger, has written this post. Last week he spent his holidays by playing Truck Games 365 with his son.