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The Gimp Tutorials

Filed under: General Linux,Linux Software — at 8:00 am on Thursday, December 2, 2010

gimp tutorialsI’ll start off saying I’m graphically challenged, well more like anything visually related, I’m so bad I can’t even match my clothes properly. If you have you seen my work (check out the Free DVD Ripper Software post for a classic example) this should be obvious. I do however do all of my own stunts graphics . I remember when I used to work with a bunch of Photoshop Guru’s, they could do pretty much anything with Photoshop. They were deadly, I once saw them take a picture of our co-workers and shop it so that they were kissing other people. Apart from the system administrators these are the people I’d be least likely to pull a prank on, these guys were just pure dangerous. When I asked them how they learned to ‘shop the most common response was not from school but from the web. They pointed me to some good resources that they use to pull off certain things.

So The Gimp is everyone’s favorite open source image editing software right? Well, here are some similar websites to those mentioned above.

With these sites and a some time you’ll be a master like much better than me and I’ve spent hours on this stuff. You do have to admit though, my shop’n skills have got better as time has passed I some how managed to make all of these graphics Freemind Vs. Kdissert, Linux Server Monitoring, Thunderbird localmail spool and Linux Backup Utility Roundtable lo