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Geeky Songs

Filed under: General Linux — at 5:30 am on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Geeky Songs

How about a few geeky songs to liven up the dull workday? These are all pretty old as far as the internet goes, but they’re all goodies that can be fun to listen to every once in a while and I promise there will be none of Stallman’s doings after the jump.

My Favorite Net Things. Not exactly my cup of tea, but funny none the less.

Code Monkey. From the same person who made the “re: Your Brains”  comes this classic that hits the head right on the nail.

50 Ways to Inject SQL. As painful as it might be to think about SQL injection from a developers perspective, there must be way more than 50 ways to inject your SQL.

The Day The Routers Died. Sang to the tune of American Pie we wave good by to IPv4.

System Administrator’s Day Song I really like the terms for this one. Although I said there would be no Stallman in this post, I think he’d have something to say about the terms of this one.

My Favorite user friendly song. There isn’t an audio version although I wish there was. Check out the user friendly song archive

Of course, there are the other nerdcore artists worthy of mentioning: Dual Core, YTCracker, MCLars, MC Frontalot to name a few. The Minibosses are pretty cool too.